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Healing Hounds Service Dogs

About Us


Healing Hounds Service Dogs was founded in Portland, Oregon by Lindsay Chavez in April, 2016.  Lindsay raised and trained service dogs for ASDA for years before getting her degree in Anthrozoology from Carroll College.  Lindsay founded Healing Hounds Service Dogs with the goal of being able to customize highly trained service dogs to best fit the needs of the people they serve.  Our team of three trainers cumulatively has over 30 years of experience raising and training service dogs.



Our mission is to train high quality customized service dogs for people with a variety of disabilities and needs.


Healing Hounds Service Dogs Today

Although growth is inevitable, we prioritize the quality of the dogs we produce over the number of dogs we place each year.  Our team is committed to creative problem solving how to alleviate as many of the challenges caused by peoples' disabilities as we can.  

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