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Receiving a Service Dog

Our Process

The Application Process

Our application process is designed to get an idea of each applicant's needs, their lifestyle, and if a service dog is a good fit for them.  Once the Recipient Application is filled out, a Healing Hounds Service Dog trainer will contact the applicant to further understand the individual's needs.  

Once your application is approved, we require a deposit before our trainers start to customize a dog for your needs. The total cost is required before placement of the service dog. 


Healing Hounds Service Dogs can provide guidance with fundraising if needed.

Customized Training

We are excited to offer customized service dogs to meet the needs of our applicants.  Service dogs can benefit the lives of people with a variety of disabilities, and many of our applicants have more than one disability or need.  Once a deposit is received, our team will evaluate the dogs in our program to see which one would best fit the applicant and begin the specialized task training.  Task training takes a minimum of six months before the dog is ready to be placed with their recipient.


Bringing your new service dog home!

Integrating a new service dog into the recipient's life is no small task.  Both the dog and the recipient must get used to working as a team.  Healing Hounds trainers spend five days in Portland, Oregon and five days in a recipient's home town teaching  the recipient how to handle the service dog, and help make the transition for both the handler and dog as smooth as possible.  It is the job of the recipient to continue to reinforce their service dog's training.  Healing Hounds trainers are just a phone call away to help with any questions or problems that come up.

No longer accepting applications

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